“Definitely check out White Lotus.  Veronica is a such a down to earth Amazing person.  I went in for an intuitive counseling session and Reiki.  She’s definitely  a people person, easy to talk to. Warm and inviting, for someone like me who is shy. I was a little nervous , felt anxious, with the help of Reiki,  Veronica realigned all my chakras, released all the blocked energy I had stored in my body.  I felt so much better.  My mind and body were connected to each other again. I was able to express what goals I wanted  to achieve as a massage therapist and Veronica shared her intuitive advice and what steps to take. I am now in the process of running my own business. I can’t thank Veronica enough. She’s super talented and gifted in her craft. If you’re  still curious, you owe it to yourself  to at least try it out and her delicious teas! LOL” – Marc D.  September 2017

“White Lotus Spiritual Healing deserves all 5 stars. To see Veronica’s ideas turn into her reality is a blessing to us all. My sessions with Veronica have been nothing but encouraging, empowering and facilitated the necessary change my life needed. She was not there to do the work for me, but the tools and knowledge she provided me with, I still use today. I also appreciate the times that I am able to reach out to her for questions or clarifications without feeling like I’m imposing on her time. She is extremely patient, compassionate, thorough and understanding. She is passionate about what she does and her energy is contagious. I was so happy with the service I recommended a dear friend of mine to see Veronica, and now my friend has recommended her friends to book an appointment with Veronica as well!! I will say though, watch out her adorable puppies, they love to steal the show.”  – Steph L.  August 2017

“Veronica was amazing. She is truly a healer and a compassionate spiritual guide. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for healing and balancing of their energy.” – S. S August 2017

“What a phenomenal feeling bestowed upon me during and after an IET session with the very gifted, Veronica! She has a manner of setting the most calming and serene environment imaginable. My advice to those who may feel uneasy or hesitant about a spiritual session in general, would be, go for it! You have nothing to lose; but trust me, much to gain. Think about what you have been through, what you are currently going through, and how you may not have clarity just yet as to where to go from here. Veronica can assist you tremendously with decluttering what no longer needs to be there… like she did for me! ~Thank you Veronica” – Carol C.

“Veronica is amazing! She knows her stuff. She is very knowledgable. If you have a question she will try her best to answer it. I went to her for an IET session. To remove any blockages. I felt at ease and relaxed throughout the session. She explained after care, informed me of anything that came to her during the session, showed me how to meditate and also checked up on me a few days later to see how I was feeling. She is kind, compassionate and does outstanding work. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking some guidance, clarity, and in removing unnecessary blockages. You wont be disappointed!!” – Ana L. August 2017

“Veronica walked me through an Integrated Energy Therapy Session. The IET session gave me a lot of guidance, a release of negative energy that was pilled up, and a sense of motivation. I feel that my anxiety is reduced, and even though things are not perfect I feel less stressed about things I held onto before. Veronica gave clear instructions on the IET process and the after-care, which believe it or not is very important. I recommend the session for anyone looking to release unwanted energy and for anyone who wants to hit their spiritual refresh button or anyone who wants guidance. Veronica is a very honest and caring person; she really knows how to support you through the process and on next steps to really get the most out of your time with her.”– Caroleena V. August 2017

“I went to see Veronica, because I felt lost as a newbie life coach, I didn’t know what to do or which direction take. It was so easy with her, she helped me  get clear in what kind of coaching I want to do and how to present myself on social media. Her knowledge in marketing helped me a lot with my social media and how to brand myself. Besides all her knowledge on the field, she is kind and very friendly, she cares about you and your business and she is always looking forward new ways to help her clients. Thanks Veronica!!” – Jenni R. July 2017

“I’ve had the good fortune of taking a couple of lectures and 1-on -1 coaching sessions with the very knowledgeable Veronica Cintron, the brain and soul of this healing center. She is the real deal very down to earth, she was born to heal. She is also very prepared and very able to answer all your questions, her personality will  make you feel at ease, make you feel at home. Highly recommended, but find out on your own, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” – E. Santos June 2017

“Veronica is very gifted. The minute I met her I could feel her sparkly energy. She’s warm and kind and you can’t help but feel at ease in her presence. Her advice has helped me tremendously. I can’t wait to see her again.”   -H. Gomes April 2017

“I had an IET session with Veronica, and I must say it was wonderful! I had some tension that needed some extra attention and she suggested I try IET. I’m new to energy work and not very knowledgeable about it, but I’m glad I gave it a chance and booked it. What I can say is I felt very comfortable and receptive to Veronica’s energy. About 10 minutes in, my body was completely relaxed and as a bonus, when it was over, she said my grandma was present during the session as my guardian angel. At first, I was shocked but then I became calm and really happy because when she died I couldn’t go to her funeral in Europe. If you made it this far on her website and reading her reviews, it means you have a high interest but might be scared or skeptic. My advice is to follow your gut and give it a shot because your head will always figure out excuses not to try.”  -M. DePina March 2017


I felt amazing after receiving the IET. I decided to receive the services at the end of the year to begin the year right, focused, open for opportunities and did not want to feel like I was blocking myself. Thank you very much I look forward to going back !! ”  – V. Biascochea  March 2017

“I cannot recommend White Lotus Spiritual Healing and the work that Veronica does enough! Although slightly skeptical at first, in the past few weeks following my Integrated Energy Therapy my life has significantly changed for the better. You have to experience it to believe it and I understand that some may not get it at first but I promise you will! Veronica has not only a true talent but passion for healing. You will not regret a service with Veronica!!!– F.S. Setzer   January 2017

“I went to Veronica for an IET(Integrated Energy Treatment) and the results were IMMEDIATELY!!! There are so many places to begin when talking about the benefits alone from this treatment, however, the most important place to start is with Veronica. Veronica and I have been friends for many years, but our sacred spiritual connection was revealed in recent months. When I sat with Veronica for a brief consultation, I could feel her healing energy fill the room and I immediately knew I was in great hands. She was so good at calming my body that during our session, I literally checked out of my physical self and went on a little excursion to another world!!! What was even more amazing and true testament to her gift of healing, is the discussion that came after. We discussed family and personal issues that I have kept to myself buried down in the depths(hence the treatment) and she so effortlessly, gently, thoughtfully, and lovingly brought them to the surface for a discussion where there was no fear to address these issues. We discussed my family, mainly my mother. I was floored how accurate she was without ever meeting the woman!(My mom resides in CA) I highly recommend Veronica for any of her services, not because she is my friend, but because my heart spills over with such joy and gratitude for her and what she brings to this world. She is something truly amazing and someone only God can create. I’m lucky to have her as my friend, and I am honored to watch her walk along her spiritual path. Instead of saying you need to SEE it to believe it, I’m telling everyone You need to FEEL it to believe it!” – S. Lauren   December 2016

“Veronica is an excellent practitioner, she make you feel special (she always says, we all are special). The connection with her was amazing. When you are with her, Everything is peaceful and calm. For Veronica everything is possible and Miracles happens every Day. I was so pleased with her service  that when my mom came to visit me I made an appointment with her immediately. Mom was amazed with her too! She has been very helpful for us, 100% recommended. And No worries, if you don’t speak English she speak Spanish too. Thanks Vero for be part or my journey!!! We love you already.” -J. Rosa   December 2016