Meditation Session

The benefits of regular meditation range from reduced stress and lower blood pressure to enhanced creativity and ability to focus. We offer private classes and instructions in several techniques, including sitting meditation, walking and other moving meditations and mindfulness meditation. Studies also confirm it causes neural re-wiring and beneficial changes in the brain. It also is highly beneficial in helping one learn how to better cope and adjust living with chronic and painful and terminal medical conditions. Mindful Meditation when practiced 6 days a week for 45 minutes a day is proven to strengthen the immune and nervous systems and the brain.
Duration: 30 minutes | Rate: $45    OR    60 minutes | Rate: $90

Private Meditation  Membership
Three, 30 minute monthly sessions for $90 per month. One year commitment required
Meditation and More Membership
Two, 30 minute private meditation sessions and one, 45 minute IET, Reiki or Intuitive Counseling session for $99 per month. One year commitment required.

Monthly Meditation Memberships

Group classes available for most services upon request. Please email us for more information.

Private Meditation Sessions